Pelham Parkway Horse Stables Auctioned !

Pelham Parkway Horse Stables Auctioned off
by, Rosanna Delgado

The horse stables located at Pelham Parkway South was sold at the judicial foreclosure auction held Nov 4th in the Bronx Supreme Court. The approximate amount of judgment is $19,686,28 plus interest and costs against the owner MOL Realty/Buster Marengo. Acqua Capital LLC, located in White Plains, Westchester County, bought the 5,454 square feet lot for $426,000.

Upon closing of the sale within 30 days of auction, the horses must be relocated or will be removed by marshal with assistance of animal rescue. A full vacate order exists on this property due to structural cracks at exposure and inadequate shoring throughout. Currently, vacate order do not apply to non-human animals. Therefore the 5 horses remained housed in the stables

Community members and animal advocates complained for years about the neglect of both the property and the horses. On the other side, Mr. Egidio Sementilli , a Bronx restaurant owner, stated that all these complaints interfered with the owner’s livelihood. He stated the animal advocates should fly to Missouri and help the horses doomed for slaughter.

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      I knew this CREEP for many years ! He cheated me out of money that i lent him to buy his stable ! At the time his name was Raymond Tromblay . He changed it to Buster Marengo to hide from welfare which he was on all his life ! He has no respect for people or animals. I hope the bastard gets what he deserves !