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It wasn’t until recent years that I became obsessed with the Bronx. I was born and raised here, but I knew very little about the borough I called home.

Over 10 years ago, before I became interested in Bronx factoids, I visited a friend on Jerome Avenue (near Anderson Avenue). My friend explained that the remnants of the 9th Ave El were adjacent to the building. I just wasn’t interested.

Several years later, the Bronx is all I want to know about, talk about, research and share.   Hence, I revisited the site.

Turns out that when sport teams played at the Polo Grounds, the 9th Ave El had two stops in the Bronx – Sedgwick Avenue and Jerome-Anderson Aves. These train stations shuttled many Bronxites to sport games. But after the stadium was demolished, the stations were no longer in use and eventually closed.

remnants of the Jerome/Anderson Avenue train station - Ninth Ave el - Bronx, NY, Feb 20, 2011

The Sedgwick Ave station was located at present day Major Deegan Expressway near W. 161st Street. There is a blue pedestrian bridge at Summit Ave that leads to a stairway that is blocked off. The blocked off stairway once led passengers to and from the station. Remnants of the Sedgwick platform exist under the Deegan.

On Jerome Avenue near 162nd Street was the Jerome- Anderson Aves train station. Due to the natural hilly setting, one portion of the station was elevated while the other was underground.

In between the buildings on Jerome Avenue, directly across the street from Yankee Stadium, stands the only remnant of the station – a small platform. Due to the elevation, it cannot be seen at street level and the area is inaccessible.

Sadly enough, the area is strewn with garbage, fallen tree branches and covered in graffiti. Though an eye sore, it was still quite fascinating to stand there and look out to the new stadium.


No signage is present, and I wonder if the business owner under the remnant of the platform knows the gem he has on the roof. It’d be wonderful for the area to be converted into a beer garden, with historical signs and old pictures, in an effort to keep Bronx history alive!

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    • Carlos Padilla

      Thank you nilka, this was truly an interesting bit of Bronx and sports history. I love the idea of the beer garden.

    • Jeffrey

      I love reading articles like this–as I too find the Bronx endlessly fascinating. It’s one of those rare places left in the City where you can stumble down a road and discover an alternate universe! Thanks for posting this!

    • Nicole

      Thank you for bringing awareness to the forgotten gems that we pass and abuse with out even realizing its History. It’s fascinating to know that a space that may look like an eye sore is very much a place that was alive and was a landmark that held memories and experiences for people that passed through that space… It absolutely should be a point of restoration. Looking forward to you next Bronx Discovery.

    • Pope Jackson

      Dynamite article, everywhere you look in NY there is a story. This is dope who knows what treasures of history we walk by everyday.

    • Ruth Papazian

      If you want to know more about abandoned subway projects in The Bronx, this book is a must-read:

      The Routes Not Taken
      A Trip Through New York City’s Unbuilt Subway System

      The author is Joe Raskin, who is the fellow who does the “Wandering New York” Tumblr.

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