Coach’s Corner – “Help Wanted”

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Who is speaking for us now? Our perceived leaders within the African American community ordained by the media but not necessarily by the majority? These self imposed spokesmen promoted by mass media are not speaking for me!
How do we define a leader? What are the qualifications of a leader? Do we look at their inside or outside?
We have not had many leaders whom have exhibited a willingness to sacrifice for all, having unwavering courage and belief in our community. In addition, corruption within the Black and Latino Legislative body has left us in limbo. Who do we trust?
What makes a leader?
Job description: A lifelong commitment of placing others needs and dreams before self. Willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, putting aside selfishness ego, and fear. A champion for all!
We are looking for a new voice in town!
As a people we must stop looking to athletes, actors, music moguls, and religious leaders to be our voice. Their talent or position does not necessarily exemplify leadership. Time after time when true sacrifice and commitment were required to solve real life problems, they’ve failed the community they’ve pledged to support (on camera), clearly seeking personal gain and notoriety. In addition, far too many people we’ve elected to represent us have been an embarrassment to say the least. When we put our confidence in these individuals they consistently don’t deliver, and apparently have none of the qualifications of true leadership.
But fear not. We have the cure.
We must build an army, so to speak. To make a leader, we must have fathers stepping up in our community mentoring our children to believe that change is possible. Instead of looking to the streets and media for their idols, the father must step in to set the tone, fulfilling his role as the guide, compass, and protector of his family, and by extension his community.
We have the power to change this dynamic. Reevaluate who we support, cultivate leadership by getting involved and assume your responsibility as a father to your family and to your community. Pave a way for future generations for this is the cure.
Deeds not words.

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