EBHF “Woman in Bronx History” Wednesday April 20th 2016 at 7:30 pm. Huntington Free Library

President Jimmy Carter proclaimed National Women’s History Week during March 8, 1980 and since then, Presidential proclamations designated March as Women’s History Month. 
The Huntington Free Library and The East Bronx History Forum are pleased to announce the Forum’s 5th Annual “Woman in Bronx History” presentation will be Wednesday April 20th 2016 at 7:30 pm.
The East Bronx History Forum had a special presenter in March, and we are holding our “Woman in Bronx History” this April 20th.  Many will recall past selections from our members such as, Bess Myerson, Lauren Bacall and Eydie Gorme and others not in the entertainment industry.  The picture above is of Lauren Bacall who was born in the Bronx, September 16, 1924 and was interred in 2014 next to her husband Humphrey Bogart at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale CA.  Lauren Bacall, was born Betty Joan Perske the daughter of Natalie Weinstein-Bacal, a Romanian Jewish immigrant, and William Perske.  It is interesting to note that Lauren Bacall never lived in the Bronx, except during her birth, Humphrey Bogart was stationed at the Pelham Bay Naval Training base at Pelham Bay Park in 1918.  They met during the filming of “To Have and To Have Not” in 1944 and married May 21, 1945. 
“Woman in Bronx History” can include a family member or a current Bronx woman of interest and note. Past selections included US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Lieutenant Colonel Merryl Tengesdal, the first and only African American woman to fly the United States Air Force’s Elite U-2 spy stealth plane.
Members and guests are encouraged, but not required to bring a 2- 5 minute description of their choice
for inclusion in our member report during our 5th annual Bronx woman program.  The East Bronx History Forum expects that this year participation will exceed the large and varied contributions of our past Bronx Woman in Bronx History reports.   Members are free to reselect prior selections and add their own information.   “Woman in Bronx History” included Actresses, Authors & Artists; Botanist & Business women; Settlers, Scientist & Sculptors; Environmentalists & Educators; and Poets& Politicians.
All meetings are free and open to the public at The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room, located at 9 Westchester Square, Bronx next to the Apple Bank.  Parking is free after 7 pm
Please view the East Bronx History Forum web page at BronxNYC.com for details, or follow us on Facebook.
Please join us at 7:30 pm, Wednesday April 20th, 2016 at the Huntington Free Library
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