Profile America: National Agriculture

National AgricultureMonday, March 20 — Ask many Americans where their food comes from, and they’ll answer the supermarket, while clothing comes from the mall. Dispelling such notions is why today kicks off National Agriculture Week.  Tomorrow is National Agriculture Day, featuring most of the themes and activities.

These annual programs focus on students across the nation, the consumers of tomorrow. They’ll learn that from pizzas to cosmetics, from clothing to orange juice, agriculture gives us what we eat each day and much of what we wear and use.

In 1920, there were nearly 6.5 million farms in the U.S., and some 32 million people lived on farms. Today, the number of farms has shrunk to just over 2 million.  America has 912 million acres of farmland, averaging 441 acres per farm.

You can find more facts at the American Community Survey.

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