BP Diaz Responds to the Fatal Stabbing at a Bronx High School

“[Late last week], the Bronx bore witness to an unfathomable incident. One student has died, another is clinging on to life and a third has committed a violent crime and forever altered his path at so young an age.

“This incident has also shined a spotlight on two major problems that face our school system. I have been a staunch opponent of age-inappropriate co-locations throughout my tenure as borough president. High school students should not be in the same building as kindergarteners, period. I have always opposed such co-locations. The culture of the high school halls is dramatically different than that of an elementary school, and small children should not be exposed to it.

“In addition, today’s incident shows us that the scourge of bullying that faces our children must be addressed in a more meaningful and effective way. While the Department of Education has done some admirable work on the issue to encourage students to treat one another in a respectful manner, it is clear that more needs to be done in that regard. This fatal incident tragically demonstrates the horror that can occur when someone is pushed to his or her limit. Reports indicate that the bullying that led to today’s incident had been ongoing for weeks. We must do a better job of training school staff to recognize the signs of bullying in order to intervene, long before the situation spirals violently out of control. A safe learning environment for all students must be our top priority.

“Today, our borough prays for the victims and their families—as well as the school communities at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife and P.S. 67—as they cope with the results of this horrible event,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz.

Featured photo courtesy of David Greene

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