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Join in the Columbus Day Parade Tomorrow

Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries in the Americas (North & South America) and elsewhere like Italy and Spain which celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Though the day […]

The First Woman US Senator

The First Woman US Senator

The first woman to serve in the U.S. Senate, was 87-year-old Rebecca Felton of Carterville, Georgia. She was appointed by the governor to the seat vacated by the death of Senator Thomas Watson.

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George Eastman. Credit: Kodak

Profile America: A Kodak Moment

Tuesday, September 26 — Simple amateur photography, even selfies, should the idea have occurred, became a possibility for the American public this month in 1888. That’s when George Eastman patented the first camera to use dry, flexible, roll film. Eastman’s […]

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Alexander Hamilton - Government Official, Military Leader, Lawyer, Economist, Political Scientist, Journalist - Biography.com

First Federal Loan

Sunday, September 17 — On this date in 1787, the Constitutional Convention wrapped up in Philadelphia with the delegates accepting the document and sending it on to the states for ratification. Less than two years later, the new U.S. government had […]

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The Lincoln Highway, The Great American Road Trip

The Lincoln Highway

Monday, September 11th — The route of the nation’s first coast-to-coast paved roadway was announced this week 105 years ago. Known as the Lincoln Highway, its combination of new roads linking existing metropolitan roads originally ran for nearly 3,400 miles […]

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Profile America: First Professional Football Game

Profile America: First Professional Football Game

Sunday, September 3 — Football season is soon to be in full swing again. Some colleges began playing their schedules late last month, and the National Football League season starts this coming Thursday. For many years, it was believed the […]

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Profile America: Up Came A Bubbling Crude. Oil That Is.

Profile America: Up Came A Bubbling Crude. Oil That Is.

Sunday, August 27 — The U.S. petroleum industry got its start on this date in 1859. That’s when blacksmith William Smith saw a dark film floating on the surface of the water in a hole he was boring near Titusville, Pennsylvania. […]

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First commercial radio broadcast: Results of the 1920 Presidential Election -- Gov. Warren G. Harding's landslide victory.

America’s First Radio Station

Sunday, August 20 — The nation’s first radio station licensed by the federal government began broadcasting in Detroit on this date in 1920 — station 8MK, now operating as WWJ. The station was owned by the Detroit News, and operated […]

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On August 5, 1914, the world's first electric traffic signal is put into place. Pinterest

Profile America: First Traffic Light

Friday, August 4 — In this first week of August 103 years ago, American motorists got the green light to safely proceed through increasingly traveled crossroads. A traffic light system, credited with being the first in the U.S., flashed red […]

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Medicare Anniversary

Medicare Anniversary

Sunday, July 30 — The federal government’s broad involvement in individual health insurance goes back to this date 52 years ago. That’s when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Social Security Amendments, which established Medicare and Medicaid. The legislation was introduced […]

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Profile America: Telstar

Profile America: Telstar

Tuesday, July 11 — The distant reaches of planet Earth came into electronic proximity for the average American on this date in 1962. The occasion was the successful relay of a transatlantic TV signal by Telstar, the first privately owned […]

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Hawaiian Islands Annexed

This week in 1898, the United States. began absorbing an island paradise en route to making it a treasured part of the nation. President William McKinley signed a resolution annexing the Hawaiian Islands, then an independent republic. A short time […]

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Profile America: Roads Paved With Good Intentions

Profile America: Roads Paved With Good Intentions

Sunday, July 9 — The first concrete road in America was completed on this date 125 years ago in Bellefontaine, Ohio — just as America entered the age of the automobile. The concrete road in 1892 followed by 22 years […]

Sliced Bread: Cutting Things Fine

Sliced Bread: Cutting Things Fine

Friday, July 7 — When something is proclaimed the best thing since sliced bread, that praise doesn’t encompass as much time as one might think. Sliced bread, wrapped for sale in wax paper, first appeared on store shelves on this […]

Decimal System: Powers of Ten

Decimal System: Powers of Ten

Thursday, July 6 — The Constitution of the United States, ratified in 1788, made this nation the first in the world to conduct a census of population on a regular basis. Every 10 years, in fact. Divisibility by tens had […]

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