Vernuccio’s View: Beijing’s Massive Military Threat

Vernuccio’s View: Beijing’s Massive Military Threat

While news of a potential nuclear deal with North Korea and the ending of the deeply flawed nuclear deal with Iran dominate the headlines, an even greater danger to international safety remains inadequately discussed. A series of jarring activities by […]

Vernuccio’s View: Should National Security be a Bargaining Chip?

Vernuccio’s View: Should National Security be a Bargaining Chip?

US national security and the provision of an adequate defense budget for America’s diminished armed forces (since 1991, the naval forces dropped from 546 ships to 285; the Army fell from 76 brigades to 45; and the Air Force lost […]

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Vernuccio’s View: Civil Defense Neglected

Vernuccio’s View: Civil Defense Neglected

The utter confusion and ill-preparedness that was evident in the aftermath of Hawaii’s mistaken alert about an incoming North Korean missile highlighted the irresponsible and dangerous abandonment of civil defense preparedness throughout the nation. Americans who grew up during the […]

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Vernuccio’s View: America Under Threat: A New Assessment

The Department of Defense has just released its new National Defense Strategy. In essence, it formally announces that the cold war is back in full swing, with a disturbing difference: this time, U.S. enemies extend far beyond just Moscow. To add to […]

The New York Post reports that Army private, Emmanuel Mensah, was home on leave for the first time since he enlisted a year ago, when the building that he

Schumer to Army: Honor Belmont Fire Hero

Schumer Says Mensah, an Immigrant from Ghana, Showed Courage, Sacrifice & Utter Selflessness & Deserves To Be Recognized

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Vernuccio’s View: Russia’s Heightened Military Threat

Vernuccio’s View: Russia’s Heightened Military Threat

The Trump Administration is levying sanctions on Russia for violating a nuclear arms pact. It’s a response the Obama Administration failed to make. The White House move is part of its attitude of realism in dealing with international threats. Todd […]

Remembering the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7 1941

Remembering the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7 1941

The publisher and staff of The Bronx Chronicle extend our thoughts and prayers on this National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. We remember Pearl Harbor and thank all military veterans and their families for their sacrifice and service. Each year on […]

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VIDEO: Chinese Troops Explode into Djibouti

China’s soldiers are now stationed deep into Djibouti in the horn of Africa.

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The mushroom cloud of the first test of a hydrogen bomb is seen in a 1952 test blast.

Vernuccio’s View: Iran-North Korea: The Joint Nuclear Threat

The North Korean nuclear missile crisis, and the threat of Iran’s current advanced missiles and, due to the limitations of the Iran nuclear deal, the near future possession of atomic weapons may be two sides of the same dilemma. A Congressional […]

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Vernucccio’s View: Overcoming Obama’s Defense Funding Mistakes

Vernucccio’s View: Overcoming Obama’s Defense Funding Mistakes

Will The House of Representatives’ National Defense Authorization Act, (NDAA), passed last Friday, be sufficient to both address rising threats from abroad as well as make up the significant loss of funding during the Obama Administration? The $686.6 billion (which exceeds President […]

The stakes and dangers of the crisis in North Korea are significantly larger than has been discussed in the media so far.

Vernuccio’s View: North Korea Is An Threat Imminent

The latest Hwasong-14 missile launch from North Korea confirms that the Pyongyang regime has successfully attained the capability to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMS.) Experts believe that the rocket used in the launch could reach Alaska, Hawaii, and the states […]

Vernuccio’s View: Dangerous Illusions About Beijing

Vernuccio’s View: Dangerous Illusions About Beijing

America’s political establishment—Democrats and Republicans, liberals and Conservatives—desperately want to believe that China harbors no malign intentions. According to The Navy Times, the Obama Administration had “barred Pentagon leaders from a key talking point when it comes to publicly describing the […]

US Military Blackhawk Helicopters Flying over New York City. Credit: YouTube

Look. Up in the sky. It’s…

New York sky-watchers got a treat this morning as a flight of ten military helicopters filled the sky. The US Army conducted a training exercise over New York City earlier today around 11:30 AM. The NYPD announced that due to tomorrow’s blizzard […]

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US Navy Guided Missile Destroyers & Cruiser Naval Ships -- YouTube

Vernuccio’s View: America’s Sinking Navy

The severe effects of eight years of disinvestment are taking hold on the United States Navy, at the same time that massive investment by Russia and China have dramatically increased the threat at sea. America has not been this imperiled […]

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Solar Storms and the Earth’s Protective Shield – Laura Roberts Artal

Vernuccio’s View: The Imminent EMP Threat

Even as North Korea moves closer to the ability to launch an ICBM against the American homeland, there is a tendency to underestimate the catastrophic effects even a single nuclear warhead could produce. Just one atomic bomb, exploded at the […]

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