The mushroom cloud of the first test of a hydrogen bomb is seen in a 1952 test blast.

Vernuccio’s View: Iran-North Korea: The Joint Nuclear Threat

The North Korean nuclear missile crisis, and the threat of Iran’s current advanced missiles and, due to the limitations of the Iran nuclear deal, the near future possession of atomic weapons may be two sides of the same dilemma. A Congressional […]

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Vernucccio’s View: Overcoming Obama’s Defense Funding Mistakes

Vernucccio’s View: Overcoming Obama’s Defense Funding Mistakes

Will The House of Representatives’ National Defense Authorization Act, (NDAA), passed last Friday, be sufficient to both address rising threats from abroad as well as make up the significant loss of funding during the Obama Administration? The $686.6 billion (which exceeds President […]

The stakes and dangers of the crisis in North Korea are significantly larger than has been discussed in the media so far.

Vernuccio’s View: North Korea Is An Threat Imminent

The latest Hwasong-14 missile launch from North Korea confirms that the Pyongyang regime has successfully attained the capability to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMS.) Experts believe that the rocket used in the launch could reach Alaska, Hawaii, and the states […]

Vernuccio’s View: Dangerous Illusions About Beijing

Vernuccio’s View: Dangerous Illusions About Beijing

America’s political establishment—Democrats and Republicans, liberals and Conservatives—desperately want to believe that China harbors no malign intentions. According to The Navy Times, the Obama Administration had “barred Pentagon leaders from a key talking point when it comes to publicly describing the […]

US Military Blackhawk Helicopters Flying over New York City. Credit: YouTube

Look. Up in the sky. It’s…

New York sky-watchers got a treat this morning as a flight of ten military helicopters filled the sky. The US Army conducted a training exercise over New York City earlier today around 11:30 AM. The NYPD announced that due to tomorrow’s blizzard […]

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US Navy Guided Missile Destroyers & Cruiser Naval Ships -- YouTube

Vernuccio’s View: America’s Sinking Navy

The severe effects of eight years of disinvestment are taking hold on the United States Navy, at the same time that massive investment by Russia and China have dramatically increased the threat at sea. America has not been this imperiled […]

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Solar Storms and the Earth’s Protective Shield – Laura Roberts Artal

Vernuccio’s View: The Imminent EMP Threat

Even as North Korea moves closer to the ability to launch an ICBM against the American homeland, there is a tendency to underestimate the catastrophic effects even a single nuclear warhead could produce. Just one atomic bomb, exploded at the […]

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Vernuccio’s View: U.S. Politicians Refuse to Acknowledge Military Threat

Vernuccio’s View: U.S. Politicians Refuse to Acknowledge Military Threat

US Politicians Refuse to Acknowledge Military Threat By Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., Esq. It is, perhaps, a question better referred to a psychiatrist than to a policy analyst: why many Americans and Europeans refuse to acknowledge the very real, very significant […]

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Service Academy Night – October 5th

Service Academy Night – October 5th

U.S. SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND, U.S. CONGRESSMAN JOSÉ SERRANO, & BRONX BOROUGH PRESIDENT RUBEN DIAZ JR. PRESENT SERVICE ACADEMY NIGHT Meet representatives from the service academies and local universities: U.S. Military Academy U.S. Naval Academy U.S. Coast Guard Academy U.S. Merchant […]

President Barack Obama

Vernuccio’s View: Collapse of the Obama Doctrine

The Obama doctrine can be described as a unilateral drawdown of U.S. military capabilities around the world.

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Vernuccio’s View: U.S. Military Technology Edge Fading

U.S. Military Technology Edge Fading Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., JD The world has noticed that America’s stripped defense budgets have allowed potentially hostile nations to gain the lead in cutting-edge weaponry that could decide the fate of a future conflict. […]

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Team Bronx (L to R) (Mike Massie, Max Makarczuk, Sheldon Rector and Harris Keane) were joined by PGA Professional, Nick Novak (2nd from the left).

Disabled Vets Tee Up At PGA REACH ‘Secretary’s Cup’

Military Veterans with Disabilities Tee-it-Up at “Secretary’s Cup,” 9-Hole Golf Match Prior to 2016 PGA Championship Week   PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America, hosted the inaugural “Secretary’s Cup,” on Sunday, July 24th at Fiddler’s Elbow […]

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Vernuccio’s View: Russian Nuclear Weapons Modernize while U.S. Arsenal Diminishes

Vernuccio’s View: Russian Nuclear Weapons Modernize while U.S. Arsenal Diminishes

The NATO summit just concluded has sounded the alarm about Russia’s dangerous actions in Europe. The Hague has handed down a decision against China’s aggression in the Pacific (South China Sea). Iran continues to seek nuclear weapons, and North Korea […]


The Second (Indianhead) Division Association To Hold Annual National Reunion in Springfield, MO

The Second (Indianhead) Division Association is searching for veterans who served in the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division at any time.

This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day

Mayor de Blasio delivered remarks at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Memorial Day wreath laying ceremony.

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