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Profile America: Credit Where It Is Due

Profile America: Credit Where It Is Due

Tuesday, June 27 — Consumers’ options for managing their finances were greatly broadened this week in 1934, after President Roosevelt signed the Federal Credit Union Act the day before, promoting the nationwide formation of credit unions.   Credit unions differ from […]

Profile America: Setting the Bar Code

Profile America: Setting the Bar Code

Monday, June 26 —  Whoever bought a pack of chewing gum at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, on this date 43 years ago was making history. It was the first purchase of an item to be scanned into a cash […]

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CBS was first to broadcast what was known as NTSC color television, but not was the first to broadcast color.

In Living Color

Sunday, June 25 — Today is the anniversary of the first color television broadcast. In 1951, CBS transmitted the appropriately named program “Premiere” from New York City and through stations in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia.     By the end of […]

Tracy Morgan & Megan Wollover's Elegant Wedding -- Inside Weddings

Profile America: June Weddings

  Saturday, June 24 — For centuries, the month of June has been the most popular choice for weddings. One of the purported reasons was that some hundreds of years ago, this time was just after May’s annual bath, so the […]

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Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee

Friday, June 23 — Through the centuries of coffee’s popularity, if someone ordered the beverage, there was no question about what kind. Today, many Americans prefer their coffee decaffeinated. That option dates to early in the last century, thanks to Ludwig […]

The first public pay telephone was set up in just two years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone. The first coin-operated pay phone was installed ..

Profile America: First Phone Booth

Thursday, June 22 — America’s first public phone booth was installed this month in 1880 in New Haven, Connecticut, just four years after the telephone was invented. These first public telephones were supervised by attendants, while those operated by coins came […]


Profile America: Dr. Peter Goldmark and the First LP

Wednesday, June 21 — One man’s devotion to classical music led to a major advance in the music recording industry. Dr. Peter Goldmark of CBS Labs was fed up with the frequent record disc flips and swaps required to play a […]

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Cover of Malaeska, the Indian Wife of the White Hunter (1860)

Profile America: The First Dime Novel

Tuesday, June 20 — This month 51 years ago, the Beatles’ song “Paperback Writer” topped the pop music charts in America. This ode to middlebrow writing aspirations followed by 107 years the introduction of paperback books by some earlier Beadles — […]

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Profiled America: Yale Man

Profiled America: Yale Man

Monday, June 19 — The first Chinese student to graduate from an American college was Yung Wing, a naturalized American who received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, this month in 1854. That year, some […]

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

This is one of the nation’s favorite days — Father’s Day.   The occasion dates back to 1910, when Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington, wanted to honor her father, who raised six children by himself after his wife died. The […]

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Digital Debut

Digital Debut

On June 14, 1951, the U.S. Census Bureau was the first civilian institution to enter the computer age. After a dedication ceremony, the 13-ton UNIVAC I began its 12-year — or 73,000-hour — career of number crunching for the Census Bureau. […]

Profile America: Accident Insurance

Profile America: Accident Insurance

Saturday, June 17 — America’s first accident insurance company was chartered on this date in 1863 in Hartford, Connecticut. It was the Travelers Insurance Company — still with us today as the Travelers Companies — and its first policies insured against […]

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Monroe College Graduation -- President Stephen Jerome confers a degree  to a graduating student.

Profile America: Caps and Gowns Time

Friday, June 16 — It’s time for caps and gowns, carnations, diplomas and lots of pictures. This is the season for graduations — with ceremonies being held all over the country for students from kindergarten to graduate school. Nationwide, there are […]

The first hand-powered cleaner. But the first person to patent a version of the vacuum cleaner is Daniel Hess, from West Union, Iowa, in 1860. (

Profile America: Dust Busting Vacuum Cleaner

Thursday, June 15 — Dealing with one of the oldest challenges to house cleaning — dust — motivated Ives McGaffey of Chicago to patent the first vacuum cleaner in the United States this week in 1869. It was hand powered, made […]

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The Homeowners Loan Act provided for loans to homeowners so they could pay their mortgages. This prevented people from going homeless and prevented banks from going under.

Profile America: Help for Homeowners

Tuesday, June 13 — The American dream of owning — and keeping — a home got a lifeline on this date in 1933 with passage of the Homeowners Loan Act. The act provided emergency relief in the depths of the Great Depression, […]

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