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First commercial radio broadcast: Results of the 1920 Presidential Election -- Gov. Warren G. Harding's landslide victory.

America’s First Radio Station

Sunday, August 20 — The nation’s first radio station licensed by the federal government began broadcasting in Detroit on this date in 1920 — station 8MK, now operating as WWJ. The station was owned by the Detroit News, and operated […]

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On August 5, 1914, the world's first electric traffic signal is put into place. Pinterest

Profile America: First Traffic Light

Friday, August 4 — In this first week of August 103 years ago, American motorists got the green light to safely proceed through increasingly traveled crossroads. A traffic light system, credited with being the first in the U.S., flashed red […]

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Profile America: National Immunization Awareness Month

Profile America: National Immunization Awareness Month

Thursday, August 3 — Although the numbers have fallen sharply in the last few decades, still some people in the U.S. succumb to diseases that could have been prevented by immunization. Others experience pain, suffering and disability. That’s why this […]

Profile America: Mail Call

Profile America: Mail Call

Monday, July 31 — The month of July has put its stamp on U.S. Postal Service history. In early July 1847, the first Post Office-issued stamps went on sale. Before then, there were no uniform stamps — a haphazard system […]

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Medicare Anniversary

Medicare Anniversary

Sunday, July 30 — The federal government’s broad involvement in individual health insurance goes back to this date 52 years ago. That’s when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Social Security Amendments, which established Medicare and Medicaid. The legislation was introduced […]

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First Car Ad

First Car Ad

Saturday, July 29 — The nation’s love affair with automobiles is generations old. Our devotion can be traced down through the decades by looking at advertising, as cars progressed from romantic if noisy new playthings to a near necessity in […]

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Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act

Wednesday, July 26 — On this date 27 years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. First introduced in Congress in 1988, the goal of the legislation was to guarantee equal opportunity for people with disabilities in public and […]

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Nebraska State Historical Society

Profile America: Rocky Mountain Locusts Swarm

Tuesday, July 25 — This month in 1874, the largest swarm of Rocky Mountain Locusts ever recorded blackened the skies from the Dakotas to Texas, and began to feast on America’s farms. The moving swarm was estimated to cover almost […]

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Red's Giant Hamburg - Claimed to be 1st Drive-Through Restaurant

Profile America: National Drive-Thru Day

Monday, July 24 — Today is National Drive-Thru Day, following closely on National Junk Food Day. Today’s occasion celebrates not so much the menu, but the popularity of restaurants that serve customers on the go. The first such service is […]

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Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day

Sunday, July 23 — Today is Parents’ Day — an annual public observance similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but not an official holiday with gifts and greetings cards. And because it dates only from 1994, not as well […]

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The Sovereign State of Winneconne. Credit:

Profile America: The Winneconne Secession

Friday, July 21 — Fifty years ago today, Winneconne, Wisconsin declared its independence. Residents were annoyed that their town of some 1,300 was accidentally left off the state’s 1967 road map. Unsatisfied with Wisconsin’s apology, they seceded. Upon forming the […]

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Profile America: National Junk Food Day

Profile America: National Junk Food Day

Thursday, July 20 — A substantial and recurring feature of national media reporting is devoted to nutrition and health. There, doctors and public health officials express concerns about obesity, diabetes and the quality of the diet of many Americans. However, […]

America's first 18-hole golf course constructed on a sheep farm in Downer's Grove. Pinterest

America’s First 18-Hole Golf Course

Wednesday, July 19 — The first 18-hole golf course in the United States opened this week in 1893 in Downer’s Grove, Illinois. The course was an expansion of an existing 9-hole facility. The Chicago Golf Club soon moved to a […]

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USS Seawolf SSN-21 | (U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Cmdr. Greg Kuntz/Released)

Profile America: Nuclear Power

Tuesday, July 18 — This week 62 years ago in West Milton, New York, an example of turning swords into plowshares was generated. That was when the Atomic Energy Commission sold electric power from a General Electric nuclear reactor. The buyer […]

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First Dental School: Tooth or Consequences

First Dental School: Tooth or Consequences

Monday, July 17 – Harvard University, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1636, is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Thus, it was already a bit long in the tooth when on this date in 1867 it opened […]