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CerealFest – Battle Creek Festivals

Cereal Festival

This year’s annual National Cereal Fest began last Thursday evening in Battle Creek, Michigan, the birthplace of America’s cereal industry. The highlight of the festival in the city that bills itself as the Cereal Capital of the World is the […]

Sylvan Lake Library - 
June 6 - Drive-In Movie Day

Drive-in Movie Day

A major pop culture phenomenon, lasting several decades, began on this date in 1933. With the automobile increasingly reshaping Americans’ habits, Richard Hollingshead opened the nation’s first drive-in movie theater in Camden, New Jersey. Soon, drive-in movies became a fixture […]

Profile America: National Dairy Month

Profile America: National Dairy Month

  Wednesday, June 7 — This is National Dairy Month, observed since 1937 when it was called National Milk Month. The makers of butter, cheese and ice cream wanted some recognition, so it shortly changed to its current name, and promotes […]

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The Economist (s)

Monday, June 5 — This date is notable in the realm of economics, for it marks three significant anniversaries in that science. Political economist Adam Smith was born on this date in 1723 in Scotland. In 1883, the prominent 20th century […]

Robert W. Patch's design for his toy truck.

A Precocious Patent Holder

Sunday, June 4 — Most little boys at the age of 5 are content to play with toy trucks without thinking about how they could be improved. This was not the case for Robert Patch. He designed a truck that could […]

It's National Candy Month!

Sugar Rush – It’s National Candy Month

Among the assorted observances in June is one that will be welcomed by a great part of the U.S. population — especially youngsters. It’s National Candy Month, although Americans consume about 22 pounds of candy year-round, much of it is […]

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Main Street after flood. (Wikipedia)

Profile America: Historic Deluge at Johnstown

Wednesday, May 31 — While tornadoes and heatwaves often take more lives, flooding is a constant threat to life in America. One of the worst floods in U.S. history happened on this date in 1889 at Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Like the dangerous […]

First Daily U.S. Newspaper — The Pennsylvania Evening Post

First Daily U.S. Newspaper — The Pennsylvania Evening Post

  Tuesday, May 30 — The nation’s first daily newspaper, the short-lived Pennsylvania Evening Post, began publication on this date in 1783, printed by Benjamin Towne in Philadelphia. Americans’ hunger for news was such that by 1850, there were some 250 […]

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Memorial Day: Supreme Sacrifices

Memorial Day: Supreme Sacrifices

Monday, May 29 — Today is Memorial Day, looked on as the start of the summer season, and a time for family gatherings and sporting events. But the true meaning of the day is underlined by the continuing sacrifices made by […]

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Profile America: Spam

Profile America: Spam

Spam, the pork product in a can, debuted in 1937, and World War II spread its fame, such as it is, around the globe. Spam, the unsolicited email message, debuted this month in 1978, and the World Wide Web has […]

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Fingerprint Identification. Image by Forensic Assurance.

Profile America: First Fingerprint Case

Saturday, May 27 — The first criminal case in the U.S. in which fingerprint evidence alone won conviction occurred this month in New York City in 1911. Burglary suspect Caesar Cella, alias Charles Crispi, was undone by prints identified by detective […]

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The English Classical School, Boston, MA.  Credit: Intellectual Takeout

First Public High School: English Classical School

Thursday, May 25 — The first public high school in the U.S. was organized this month in 1820. The English Classical School opened in 1821 with 101 male students in Boston, which also was the seat for America’s first high school […]

Credit: New World Encyclopedia

The Telegraph: A Telecommunications First

Wednesday, May 24 — In a way, today marks the 173rd birthday of the World Wide Web. Only it was electro-mechanical, not digital. On this date in 1844, Samuel F.B. Morse activated the first telegraph line, sending a dots-and-dashes code message […]

Veterinary Practice News

Veterinary Medicine

Tuesday, May 23 — There are few bonds in nature as gratifying as that between pets and their owners. Most pets are rewarded for their loyalty and devotion with shelter, food and welcome attention. Though less welcome, they are also rewarded […]

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During WWII, there was a nation wide Victory Speed Limit of 35 mph. | Retronaut | Pinterest

Profile America: Gasoline Rationing and “Victory Speed”

Friday, May 19 — Gas prices are a frequent cause for consumer complaint — but at least purchases aren’t restricted, as they were beginning this month in 1942. That’s when 17 states began rationing gasoline to help the fight World War […]