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Profile America Veterinary Medicine

The first state sponsored veterinary school in the U.S. opened on this date in 1879 at Iowa State College.

by · May 23, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: Source Notes

Spam, the unsolicited email message, debuted this month in 1978, and the World Wide Web has spread its infamy everywhere.

Profile America: The Stock Exchange Is Born

The New York Stock Exchange started this week in 1792, as some two dozen merchants and brokers established an organized approach to their buying and selling.

Profile America: Brown v. Board of Education

On this date in 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court issued one of its most historic decisions in Brown v. Board of Education thus changing the social landscape of the nation.

by · May 17, 2016 · Law, News, Profile America

Profile America: Beginning The Spinning

The first disc-type phonograph record was demonstrated publicly on this date in 1888.

Profile America: National Salad Month

May is National Salad Month.

by · May 15, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: Youngest Mother

On this date in 1939, a most unusual childbearing event in medical history occurred in Lima, Peru.

Profile America: Jamestown

Today marks the 408th anniversary of the founding of the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

by · May 13, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: National Moving Month

May is National Moving Month, beginning the busiest moving season of the year.

by · May 12, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: The First Medical College

America’s first medical college was established early this month in 1765 at the College of Philadelphia — now the University of Pennsylvania.

by · May 11, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: The Daily Newspaper

The nation’s first daily newspaper, the short-lived Pennsylvania Evening Post, began publication this month in 1783, printed by Benjamin Towne in Philadelphia.

by · May 10, 2016 · Profile America

Profile America: Asian and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month

This month recognizes one of the nation’s fastest-growing population groups — those of Asian and Pacific American heritage.

by · May 9, 2016 · Cultures, Profile America

Profile America: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day started in 1908 with Anna Jarvis of West Virginia to honor her deceased mother — who had hoped that there would come a day to commemorate all mothers.

by · May 9, 2016 · Family, Profile America

Profile America: Honoring America’s Nurses

This is National Nurses Day, the start of National Nurses Week honoring the nurses who keep Americans healthy.

Profile America: Cinco de Mayo

In Spanish, today’s date is Cinco de Mayo, and celebrations will be held in many cities across the U.S., as well as Mexico.

by · May 5, 2016 · Cultures, Profile America