Pelham Parkway Horse Stable Sold At Auction

Rusty or Bronco as he is known to many has had his stable sold. Today a tax lien court ordered auction took place at Bronx Supreme Court. The ramshackle structure and the land it sat on was sold to the highest bidder for 426,000 dollars.

Mr Marengo the owner of record today filed a request that the auction be set aside due to irregularities with the tax lien that was placed on the property. He claims that he was being billed for water and sewer service that was never actually provided.

The judge reserved ruling on the request until a future date.

With the auction having taken place many community people now feel that it is time to move on and see to it that the horses that are on the property be taken cared of.

Although the horses were not included in the auction, many animal rights activists feel that if Mr. Marengo cannot take proper care of the animals, there are a number of rescue organizations who will step up, take possession and responsibility for the animals.

As this sad story nears a conclusion lets just hope that the next use for this land be less controversial and more harmonious with the needs of the Pelham Parkway community

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