Got ‘im!


An alert from the 45th Precinct Crime Prevention Unit

The graffiti vandal known as “LOOT” was arrested Friday night, 11/8/13. The 16 year old Throggs Neck resident known as “LOOT” or “ZERK”, who is known to deface local property, completely cooperated with the 45th Precinct. Vandal Task Force was also dispatched to the 45th Precinct to debrief the defendant on many of the complaints involved. The defendant gave a full confession and is currently in Bronx Central Booking waiting to see the judge.

Graffiti is a quality of life issue. It’s unpleasant to look at, causes damage to property and ends up being a financial hardship to taxpayers and business owners. Let’s join in on the fight against graffiti. 311 will take your complaints as well as Senator Jeff Klein’s office( and Nivardo Lopez from the Mayor’s office(

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