NYC Police Department extends a hand for Flip flops for the Philippines

The people of the Philippines have been devastated by what many believe to be the worst typhoon to ever have hit the islands. The death toll is over 5,250 and still climbing.

The NYC Police Department is extending itself for the benefit  ofthe hundreds of thousands of Philipinos who are in need.

A Philippine Air Force crew drops sacks containing food supplies to Typhoon Haiyan survivors in Tunga

At this time one of the greatest immediate needs is footwear. The flooding has resulted in  sidewalks and streets being coated with a residue of  toxic chemicals. It is needless to say that this is an immediate threat to the well being to all of the survivors who must venture out and be about the rebuilding of their lives.

We may drop off at our local police precincts new or mildly used flip flops. So that the survivors of this tragedy may have some protection as they walk about their communities.

Please support the people of the Philippines, our Police Department, and our community by do what you can to have this initiative Flip Flop For the Philippines  be a great success.

For additional information on drop off sites and fundraisers please go to the web address listed below.

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