Governor Cuomo Signs Groundbreaking Puppy Mill Legislation.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on January 9th, signed law which authorizes local municipalities to enact more stringent laws to regulate pet dealers Governor Cuomo stated “While existing state laws will be upheld , today’s legislation will give support to the many local municipalities that want to ensure stronger safeguards are in place to protect the animals in their communities.” Municipalities that do adopt stronger laws to regulate pet dealers will be solely responsible for its enforcement.

On April 17th, 2013, many individuals and non-profit animal welfare groups across the state conveyed on the state capital for Humane Lobby day. They meet with their state legislator to lobby for animal protection bills including this legislation A775-A/S1776-A to strengthen Oversight of Pet Dealers in New York State. The legislation was introduced by Rosenthal in the Assembly and the Main Sponsor of the bill in the senate was Grisanti.

Linda Rosenthal represents District 67 as a Democrat in the New York State Assembly which includes parts of Manhattan’s Upper West Side and Clinton neighborhoods. In 2009, Assembly Member Rosenthal received humane legislation award for her support and dedication to animal protection issues. Mark Grisanti represents the 60th district as a Republican in the New York State Senate which includes the areas of Buffalo, Tonawanda, Niagara Falls and Grand Island. Last year Grisanti received Humane Leadership Award from ASPCA for his support for animal welfare policies.

Senator Mark J. Grisanti said, “I am pleased my bill was signed into law and I thank Governor Cuomo for helping get these new regulations on the books. I also want to thank all of the animal rights advocates and anyone else who called or e-mailed or shared information with me about how to better regulate animal breeders and pet store owners. Their experience and expertise helped us draft this legislation. I look forward to continuing to work to make New York one of the best states in the nation when it comes to identifying and fighting animal cruelty.”

Senator Mark J. Grisanti

Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal said, “Today represents a watershed moment for animal protection in New York State now that my bill A.740-A, also known as the ‘puppy mill bill,’ has become law. With this new authority in hand, municipalities from Buffalo to New York City, the North Country to Long Island will be able to pass tough new laws to crack down on puppy mills and bad breeders who place profit above the health and safety of animals. They will also be able to prevent situations like the one that recently occurred in Sprakers, NY, where nearly 100 dogs were left outside for days to freeze to death in arctic-like weather conditions. This is a victory for animals, and for everyone who loves them and fought so long and hard to see this bill finally become law. I cannot thank Governor Cuomo enough for standing up for the helpless animals in New York State.”

Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal

Upstate or Downstate, Blue or Red, Left or Right, who doesn’t want to help puppies? Puppies love us all and we have a responsibility to protect them from those who do them harm.  So, let’s give Governor Cuomo, Assembly Member Rosenthal, Senator Grisanti and all the co-sponsors of the bill a big paw for their leadership and compassion.

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