First Annual Three Kings celebration hosted by Senator Klein and Assemblyman Sepulveda

A press release recently available from Senator Jeff Klein’s office outlined their first annual Three Kings celebration, complete with photos of the festivities.

As many Bronxites know, “Three Kings Day”, also known as the “Epiphany” is a traditional Christian holiday that celebrates the human incarnation of “God the Son” in Jesus Christ.

The full press release can be read below:

BRONX, NY –  Senator Klein and Assemblyman Sepulveda hosted their first annual Three Kings event celebration at Melcher Hall at the Church of Holy Family on Saturday. For many who celebrate Christmas, Three Kings Day marks the official end of the Christmas season. The event featured a musical performance, nativity scene, sweet treats and gift giving. 

 Over 70 children attended the event.

 PHOTO 1_Sen.Klein_AMSepulveda_3Kings

BRONX, NY – From left to right, District Leader Julia Rodriguez, two of the Three Kings, Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda (D-Bronx), one of the Three Kings and State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester), pictured with children after the gift-giving portion of the event.

 PHOTO 2_Sen.Klein_NativityScene

BRONX, NY – Senator Klein, Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda (D-Bronx) and District Leader Julia Rodriguez pose with members of the nativity scene before the beginning of the program. 

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