Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association First 2014 Meeting

Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association held its first community meeting of 2014 on Tuesday, January 14. Held at the Bronx House, over 60 people attended.

A FDNY Fire Safety Education representative led a very informative fire safety presentation, which included life saving tips and procedures, including the proper use of a fire extinguisher. He shared the acronym PASS, Pull pin, Aim, Squeeze and Side-to-side as an easy way to remember how to properly use an extinguisher.   In additon, he shared important information about the dangers of unchecked extension cords, and appliances.  Free carbon monoxide alarms were distributed.

The remainder of the meeting was led by NYC Sanitation’s Community Affairs Officer Ignacio Terranova. For over 30 minutes he patiently answered questions with regards to a variety of issues, garbage collection, snow removal, procedures, dog waste and new recycling procedures.

Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association is a grassroots effort by volunteers in the Pelham Parkway section of the Bronx. Meetings are geared to educate and empower neighbors to work together towards change.

A canned goods and clothes collection is being made for the victims of recent fire in the Pelham Parkway area. For more information, please email

Photos by Aleksander Nilaj


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