NYC Carriage Horse Trade Another Perspective


Carriage Horse with harness sores. Untreated and still working.

Carriage Horse with harness sores. Untreated and still working.

Written by  Sal Conforto,  Publisher

Into the rancor created by both sides of the carriage horse issue in NYC

I would like to add my opinion.

Let’s suppose in an ideal world, the legislature were to enact and the Administration were

to enforce humane standards. That would encourage the carriage owners to adhere to

these standards under penalty of stiff fines on an escalating basis, if repeated.

I feel that this should satisfy most reasonable animal rights proponents. The Zealots, in my

opinion will settle for nothing but abolition of the trade. I just want to share with them that

many horses are still in use. Primarily, as plow horses and draft horses. These animals are

used by farmers who do so for religious reasons or sustainable organic farming.  Are we to

abolish their use  for these purposes. Moreover, I would caution the diehard opposition.

What will become of these magnificent animals? If the carriage trade in NYC

is terminated, Think, these horses will not be placed in a pasture to leisurely

live out the remainder of their lives. They will either be slaughtered or sold to pull

Carriages or plows  elsewhere.

In conclusion, let’s better their situation and not place them in a more precarious  state.

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