Bronx Documentary Center bears Child Brides Exhibit


The Bronx Documentary Center hosts Stephanie Sinclair’s “Too Young to Wed” which photographically documents the global issue of child marriage world wide.  Starting Jan. 18th, and ending March 16th, this exhibit is free and open to the public.

Stephanie Sinclair lived in the Middle East for 6 years and for over a decade has documented this human right issue of girls married even before their teens.

Not only has this “practice” rob these girls of their childhood and full potential but also of their lives from early pregnancy and childbirth.  Those that do survive the pregnancy often suffer from childbirth injury as obstetric fistula.  It is a painful condition caused by a hole in the birth canal from prolonged labor.

This exhibit not only shed light on this violation of human rights but also displays the girls’ lack of choices such as education, contraceptives, and laws in their countries.  Perhaps, we can all learn from this exhibit and appreciate and utilize the choices we have in our city.

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