Vacca Deputy Leader in New City Council under Council Leader Melissa Mark-Vivertro

IMG_8335Our Bronx Councilman Jimmy Vacca

who represents the 34 Council District was today appoint Deputy Leader of the New York City Council and Chairman of the Committee on Technology. At a time when our city is on the verge of exploding with technologies that ten years ago could not have been even imagined it is reassuring that we have a seasoned and experienced legislator who has decades of experience in providing service to our communities.

As  Cable Television, a La cart programing becomes the rage as it has in other cities, we look forward to seeing the quality of programing increased while at the same time experiencing a reduction in fees charged. The integration of computer systems will bring to us a more stream lined and less nerve racking government bureaucracy. These cost savings can be quickly translated into more funds being available for our senior centers, food banks, parks and new services which in the past we could not afford.

The world of technology can be all about keyboards or it could include solar smart grids, thermal zone heating, after school at home study groups using cloud technologies, online staff training, online meal preparation for diabetics or people with hypertension.

Bringing free wi-fi into our communities would open us up to a world that we cannot even begin to imagine. The use of banking /fundtransfer/ book entries technologies can open up the city bond market to all of us. Just imagine we could purchase tax exempt city bonds or notes with interest rates of 3,4,5,6% and sometimes even more just by filling out a secure computer form. And all done by charging your atm card.

There is so much more that I suggest the Chairman of the Technology Committee host a Tech Fair were anyone can come and present ideas or even have a competition for the best  six ideas that address a problem or a need. This is a committee that can truly stimulate Innovation thru Technology NY Style.

It is needless to say that this committee assignment will be an exciting one and we all look forward to a successful future for Councilman Vacca.


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