Community Information Session-The Canvas Academy-Proposed Bronx Charter School


On February 1, 2014 from 2-4pm at the Morris Park Library, The Canvas Academy-Proposed Bronx Charter High School will be having a public information session. We would like to present our mission and welcome questions, ideas, and concerns from the community. Our school will open in 2015-2016 once a charter is authorized and we are looking to bring the school into the Morris Park Community. Your input is very important to us.

Më 1 shkurt 2014, në Bibliotekën e Morris Park nga 14:00-16:00, Shkolla e Lartë Karta Canvas Akademia-i propozuar do të mbajë sesionin e tij të informacionit dhe të ftuar publikun që të vijnë dhe të shprehin idetë e tyre, shqetësimet, dhe të bëni pyetje në lidhje me shkollën tonë që do të të propozohen për të hapur në shtator 2015. Ne shohim përpara për të parë të gjithë nga të marrë pjesë në komunitet.

El 1 de febrero de 2014 a la Biblioteca Morris Park desde 14:00-16:00, La propuesta-Academia Hi-Charter School celebrará su sesión de información e invitando al público a venir a expresar sus ideas, preocupaciones y hacer preguntas acerca de nuestra escuela que se se propondrá a abrir en septiembre de 2015. Esperamos verlos a todos en la comunidad asista.

The Canvas Academy

Proposed Bronx Charter High School

Media Contact:
Erika Newsome-Founder/Lead Applicant
Phone: 718-216-7714
Mail: 778 Morris Park Avenue #44, Bronx, New York 10462


Our mission at The Canvas Academy Proposed Bronx Charter School is to create an environment where scholars who are teen parents, in foster care, have been homeless, are SIFE students, or have circumstances which have led them to become over-aged and under credited are held to their highest possibilities, earn a Regents diploma, and enter college, earn a vocational certification, or start a business to contribute to their community upon graduation.

Key Design Elements:

Life Advisors:Staff and faculty will be matched up with scholars based on their life needs.

The Language Academy: Spanish and Albanian language classes will be held for staff and faculty to support scholars and their families to promote a culturally aware school community.

Community Service and Internship: Scholars will complete at least 20 hours of community service per school year and a total of 220 hours of career development and internship hours.

Leadership Academy: Through our partnership with Momentum Teens for Leadership, Inc, our scholars will enter a leadership program that will not only support them to understand that they matter and that everyone can be a leader, but it will give them the skills needed to become a leader through a mentorship program based on setting and reaching life goals.

Arts & Technology Infusion: All teachers will receive professional development to include the arts and technology into their curriculum. Scholars will also have the opportunity to explore careers in the arts and technology through career development.

Entrepreneurship Program: Scholars that are interesting in creating their own businesses will get support from community entrepreneurs and other non-profit organizations to learn how to achieve their dreams while creating jobs for their community and income for their families.

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