Energy Company Promises To Clean Up NC Coal Ash Spill

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North Carolina coal power producer Duke Energy promised the people of Danville, NC, on Friday, that they will do all they can to the coal ash spill that has polluted a local river with arsenic and other toxic chemicals.

As Al Jazeera reports,

“It’s not clear yet how the power company plans to fix the problem, or if it plans to remove the coal ash pond, amid charges by environmental activists that the river’s levels of arsenic are now far too high in the spill’s aftermath.

Just a few miles downstream from where the power plant, shut in 2012, spilled 82,000 tons of coal ash into the Dan River in Eden, North Carolina lies the regional hub of Danville, Va., a town of 43,000, where Duke Energy representatives met with city council members and the public Friday to describe the ongoing spill and what the company was doing about it.

Duke Energy official Paul Newton talked about what the spill, which he said has now slowed to a trickle from the flood that happened days before.

‘We apologize. We apologize for the accident that happened at our Dan River site,’Newton said. “We are working 24 hours a day to permanently plug that leak.”


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