Federal Agency Hearing Case on College Athletes Seeking Unionization

This video from the AP shows a press conference featuring  Bob Rowley, spokesperson for Northwestern University, arguing that students are simply students, and scholarships suffice as compensation. John Adam is also featured representing the “employees” of the College Athlete’s Players Association.

As ESPN reported,

“The hearing, scheduled for Wednesday morning at the iconic Chicago Rookery Building, will mark the next step in a process that will determine whether the players are student-athletes, as Northwestern and the NCAA insist, or employee-athletes who can form a union and bargain for benefits. On Jan. 28, Ramogi Huma, president of the National College Players Association, filed a petition in Chicago on behalf of the players at the regional office of the NLRB.

Known in American labor law as a “certification of representative” procedure, Wednesday’s hearing will begin with procedural matters and scheduling. Things really get moving at the next scheduled hearing on Feb. 18.”

More on the story at ESPN.

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