Gun Hill Brewery draws winter weary patrons to celebrate the next chapter in Bronx-based breweries

When the last brewery in the Bronx closed down over 70 years ago, it took with it a piece of Bronx industry and history. That story is about to be rewritten now that the Gun Hill Brewery, headed by Kieran Farrell and Dave Lopez, has opened up its new micro-brewery on Laconia Avenue near East Gun Hill Road.

Hosting its soft opening on Saturday, February 22, with a grand opening scheduled for mid-March, the duo looks like it has a recipe for success when hundreds of patrons visited the establishment on a balmy winter day. “I think a brewery here is overdue,” states Mr. Farrell, who originally hails from Woodlawn. “We felt that [a brewery] was needed, beer hasn’t been brewed in over 60 years, so we thought the timing was perfect to bring craft beer to the Bronx. There’s a [beer] revolution going on across the country, so we thought it was necessary here.”

The owners go over their selection on tap with noticeable pride, with choices such as their own gold ale, IPA, and an amber ale made with our brewer Chris Sheehan’s own hops grown in upstate New York, as are most of their other ingredients. The transformation of the space was an incredible undertaking as the location had previously been a run down storage facility and prior to that, a car garage. Farrell stated that a lot of work had to go into repairing the building, but that it was all worth it. When asked about who was in attendance, Farrell stated that, “the crowd is very diverse here, we have Bronxites, Brooklynites, and Manhattanites. We want to do tours so that everyone can enjoy the brewery, especially our tasting room. We are very happy to be open right now and really excited to be in the Bronx.”

Check out the Gun Hill Brewery at 3227 Laconia Avenue, and visit their Facebook Page and website for more information about events and tours.

Visit the Bronx On The Go Official Facebook Page for additional photos of the brewery.

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