Bowling for Babies March 1, 2014, Homefield Lanes, Yonkers

Fordham Kiwanis cordially invites you  to participate in this “fun”
event next Saturday.  If you or outside sponsors make checks payable
to “Kiwanis International Foundation”, rather than Fordham Kiwanis, we
will be sure your own club receives credit for participating and
contributing to the project ELIMINATE maternal and neo-natal tetanus
as shown in our photos from Haiti.  (See link below)

This is an important reminder that when clubs do fundraisers, and when
sister clubs are invited to participate in them, that clubs supporting
the event should receive credit for all donations to the charity over
and above the cost of administration of the project.

In this case, all proceeds above the administrative fee of  $25 for
the bowling will go to ELIMINATE.  The bowling event cost of $25 per
person includes 2 games, shoe rental. and refreshments.  The rest of
the funds raised from the drawing and from sponsors you might acquire,
will save mothers and their babies in the name of your own club.

So why not use this opportunity to share some fun with us, set up some
club teams, and raise some funds for this global effort on behalf of
Kiwanis International.

BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let Fordham Kiwanis Secretary Claudia (718 817-3110)
(FAX 718 817-3115)  know you plan to BOWL because we are limited to 30
bowlers at the HOMEFIELD LANES in Yonkers.

The winning team and highest scoring bowler will receive special
prizes from the Immediate Past President of Kiwanis International at
the Bronx Westchester South Mardi Gras and Governor’s Visit on
Tuesday, March 4.

See you soon!

Thomas E. DeJulio
Past President
Kiwanis International
General Counsel
Fordham University
Cunniffe House Rm. 111
441 East Fordham Road
Bronx NY 10458
718 817-3111
718 817-3115 (fax)

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