Mayor Announces Steps To Better Interactions Between Public and NYPD

Photo c/o Steve Wenig/AP.

Mayor Bill De Blasio is attempting to encourage the NYPD to provide a more consumer friendly approach to policing, targeting both veteran officers and new recruits alike.

As DNA info reports,

The steps include officers “politely introducing” themselves and providing name and rank, being “patient with the people they are serving” and “making sure every encounter ends on a ‘positive note.'” Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement during a press conference at the 25th precinct in East Harlem Thursday — an area where officials want to improve relationships between police and the community after years of stop-and-frisk.

“The seven steps are things a lot of officers already know instinctively and practice everyday, but we want to make it the norm,” de Blasio said. “We want everyone to know this is the right approach.”

There are no firm plans yet on how the steps will be articulated to officers, but they will become part of the curriculum for future recruits going through the police academy, the mayor added.

“It will start with creating a new approach to how we train our new recruits,” de Blasio said. “The men and women who will be both the beat cops of tomorrow and the leaders of the police force of tomorrow.”

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