An Editorial On Assemblyman Jose Rivera’s Inappropriate Sexual Comments On Video

I am a grandfather and love spending time with my granddaughter.  After seeing the news about the videos that Assemblyman Jose Rivera has taken where he can be seen ogling underage girls and saying sexual things to these individuals,  I am outraged that this goes on and no one says anything.  I have known the Assemblyman since childhood and I bear him no ill will, but feel compelled to speak out because this issue matters.  Speaking as publisher of the Bronx Chronicle, I believe the Assemblyman is not fit for office and as he is up for reelection this year, I believe he should not be elected.  I know that the assemblyman is also a grandfather and I wish he would consider, “What would this girl’s grandfather think if he were watching this?”  I think he might think “disgusting”, as I do.

You told the Daily News you were “just joking” :

“It was a walking tour through the area and I just was joking with the people, walking around. Obviously I said something out of line, that could be misconstrued. But I was joking. We were just joking throughout the event.  It was never my intention to hurt anyone.  If you hear the conversation, it could be interpreted as I acted inappropriately. I said the wrong thing. This is different times now than our lifetimes. If you were able to use the whistle of the wolf, it was okay in the old days. You can’t do that no more.”

“Whistle of the wolf?”  It sounds like the Assemblyman is saying should be OK to make sexual jokes with young women, rather than apologizing for his actions and taking this seriously.  And I find that unacceptable and I would hope other grandfathers of young women would too.

Sal Conforto, JD
Publisher, The Bronx Chronicle
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