The Chronicle Visits Bharati Kemraj’s Bronx House Bollywood Class


Kiara Cuthbertson, The author,
Adriana Vincent (seated), Bharati S. Kemraj, Plabani Sahu.

If you know Bharati Kemraj, who teaches a Bollywood Dance class at Bronx House on Saturday mornings, it will not surprise you that Ms. Kemraj convinced this here journalist to get up and dance with the girls.  Adam’s tired from all the whirling and twirling so I’ll keep my comments short and sweet.

Watch and see the amazing work of the students and their teacher Ms. Kemraj, who also works at Community Board 11 and volunteers at Vishnu Mandir Hindu Temple in Soundview, where her father, Pandit Vishnu Sukul Kemraj is the officiating priest.  Bharati Kemraj currently teach classes for adults and kids both boys and girls at YMCA on Castle Hill Avenue every Mondays and Fridays and at the Vishnu Mandir  on Sundays.


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