Green Dot Money Pak Card Scam

Green Dot Money Pak Card Scam 


Dear Sir/Madam,


As the Commanding Officer of the New York City Police Department’s Crime Prevention Section I am writing this letter to alert you of a telephone scam that is currently spreading across our city. This scam targets our elderly and new immigrant communities, but not exclusively, and it is perpetrated using the Green Dot Money Pak Card. This scam has netted criminals thousands and thousands of dollars, negatively impacting those who can least afford it.


This scam starts with a phone call to your home where a person tells you that you owe the IRS or Utility Company money and that if you don’t pay immediately you will be arrested and deported or your electric/gas will be turned off. They also use the ruse that a family member has been arrested, was in an accident or kidnapped and if you don’t pay them a certain amount of money harm will come to your loved one. The caller will ask you to go to a certain store to buy a Green Dot Money Pak Card and tell you how much they want you to put on that card. Make no mistake about it, you are being scammed.


No government agency, utility company or law enforcement agency will ever contact you and ask you for immediate payment using a Green Dot Money Pak


Part of this scam is to have you buy the card, place money on the card and call back a specific telephone number that the scam artist gave you. They will ask you to give them the 14 digit serial number off the back of the Green Dot Money Pak Card and when you do your money will be lost.


Criminals are very convincing in this enterprise and I ask you to stop and call 9-1-1 before buying a card.


If you have any questions, please contact your local precinct’s Crime Prevention Officer or visit the New York City Police Department’s Website at


Please pass this information on to family, friends and neighbors so that they don’t fall victim to this scam.


Best Regards,

Inspector James Klein

Commanding Officer, Crime Prevention Section

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