Continued Calls For Skate Park at Allerton and Bronx Park

The skate park, four years ago.

Ron Cicatelli advocated again this month  (see video below) about the benefits of renewing the skate park in Bronx Park East and just having activities such as skate parks in the community.   He has advocated for private funds to replace the outdated current layout, and bringing in a designer with credibility in the skate community to create a destination in the area, suggesting a possible benefit to local Allerton businesses with more traffic coming from the train to the park, if events were held such as the one four years ago depicted in the advertisement above.

He spoke about drops in the population in young people in the community and called for more infrastructure that encourages new homeowners to want to invest in the community.

“If you have more activities for kids, people will want to move here, raise their kids here,” he said.

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