Longtime 49th Precinct Youth Officer Chris Traumer Makes Sergeant

[Disclaimer: I try to not offer opinion and bias in my work.  Usually, but this is a special occasion.]  If you live in the Pelham Parkway community, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered Chris Traumer whether you’re a kid aged one to ninety-two.  Maybe you didn’t realize you saw him, but if you’ve been to a local event in our community, and pledged an allegiance to our nation, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered this tall gentleman. He runs the local precinct explorers program and no, he isn’t a teacher, or a social worker, or a volunteer.  Or a police officer who just passed the Sergeant exam.  He is all of those things, and in the video above, he announced his big news at Thursday night’s Community Board 11 meeting. (And good with dogs, as I learned in 2008.)

Below is just one of the many proud moments that Traumer has caputured on his Youtube channel, highlighting the many activites of his famed 49th Explorers, an examplary model for the program city-wide, where the NYPD has made an impact in young people’s lives.  In our community in the Northeast Bronx, that impact was all on Chris.  From everyone in the community who knows what great work you do, we hope to see you again in the 49th in the near future!

You can relive other moment’s from the Explorer’s program over the years of Traumer’s tenure here.


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