Photography of Dianne Sposito Exhibit At Riverdale Library

The Photography of Dianne Sposito” will open Monday at the Riverdale Library (Map and directions) and run through Saturday, April 26.


Sposito is a creative artist and teacher who expresses her artistry principally through playwriting, but also works in photography.  A 2011 Bronx Council for the Arts BRIO Award winner in playwriting, her plays have been produced in New York City and throughout the USA.  The exhibit draws inspiratoion from William Shakespeare, who she calls “her lifelong friend and companion”, and has studied, enjoyed and loved his plays and poetry for decades.

“The world’s greatest dramatist, William Shakespeare has something to say about every single moment of our lives.  He uses the natural world to illuminate our humanity in its myriad facets.  In this series of photographs, I marry his words with my images,” said Sposito.  “I hope to slow things down, bring the viewer deeply in, face to face with the glorious cast of characters in Nature’s compelling play, to listen to what they have to say.”

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