Sunday Night Television Is Amazing

So, you’ve probably already had a conversation with someone today about Game of Thrones or heard someone talking about it (which must be terribly annoying, folks who don’t Throne it up on the regular.)  But thats just one show.  Between 9 and 11, there are countless fantastic shows on, so which to watch?  All of them!  While you can only watch one on the old set, you are reading this on the internet where there are a plethora of resources for those who want to watch what they watch when they want it.

Above is a link to last night episode of Crisis, a thriller about students from elite DC families kidnapped (including the First Son) and their parents, forced to do unspeakable acts to get their kids back.  Resurrection, heard of that one?  Or People Who Kill?  And oh wait, Mad Men hasn’t even been mentioned.  This post is one of opinion, that you ought watch more Sunday night television and if need be, cut out some of the chaffe of weekday programs. Boring shows on tonight?  Watch Mad Men instead. (It actually replays on basic cable many times during the week.)  Finally, But Adam, I don’t have HBO.  How the heck am I going to watch Veep or G of Ts?  Well folks, this writer isn’t going to encourage any illegal activity like downloading episodes to your computer from web samaritans around the globe. But, I’ll just say, their are “streaming” options beyond big American sites like Hulu with commercials.   Look into it folks.  

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