12 Yemenis Killed (Including 3 Civilians) In Drone Strike Today

Video c/o CNN

A US drone killed at least 12 in Yemen yesterday, with reportedly 9 Al Qaeda members among the dead.

As reported in the Huffington Post,

“A Yemeni military official said the early Saturday strike struck a vehicle carrying the militants in the Sawmaa area in the al-Bayda province as another car carrying civilians passed by.

A security official investigating the strike said one of the civilian survivors said the strike hit a white SUV, tossing it some 20 meters (21 yards) away. He said the survivor said they fled the flying debris and took shelter while “explosions” continued for another 30 minutes.

Then, the survivor said, another drone fired neared their car, killing one of his companions and wounded him.

A medical official said that the strike had killed three civilians and wounded three.” ┬áRead more here at Huffington Post.




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