Senator Jeff Klein Announces Reelection In Morris Park, Receives Many Bronx Endorsements


(l-r) Former Borough President Fernando Ferrer, Senator Jeff Klein, Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Assembly Member Marcos Crespo

Senator Jeff Klein sent a strong message of his support from Democratic officials, as he spoke yesterday in a backyard of a neighbor about his public service and his desire to continue to serve the community. His message validating his Democrat bona fides can be seen as a response to Riverdale Councilman Oliver Koppel, who has talked about challenging Klein in a primary this summer, and who told the press yesterday, “I believe [Klein] has betrayed the Democratic Party and democratic principles.”  (all photos c/o Robert Benimoff)

He also spoke about his family growing up in Morris Park and the values they instilled in him.



He was joined by a large contingent of constituents (including the local “Red Hats” group KleinA10shown ^ with the Senator and with members of the Morris Park Community Association shown >), largely from the Morris Park area where Klein grew up and currently lives, as well as a number of sitting Bronx elected officials and former Bronx kleinA2Borough President Fernando Ferrer, who all resoundingly disputed Koppel’s critique of the Senator and pledged their support to challenge other Democrats from other areas of the city and state.   It was announced that the Bronx Democratic Party chair Carl Heastie would be supporting the Senator, and his support was joined by remarks from Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., Assembly Member Mark Gjonaj (shown < 2nd. from l.) Council Member Ritchie Torres (below 3rd. from l.) , Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.,(below 4th from r.) Council Member Fernando Cabrera, (below 2nd from l.), Assembly KleinA1Member Marcos Crespo, Assembly Member Michael Benedetto (shown ^ l.) and Assembly Member Luis Sepulveda (shown > 1st. from the l.)  .  Here are short videos with some remarks from Councilman Torres, Borough President Diaz and former Borough President Ferrer.





















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