Community Board 11 DM Reads From Work At NYU Veterans Writing Workshop

Community Board 11 District Manager and Pelham Parkway resident Jeremy Warneke read two of his stories “The Dog Tag” and “One Of Those Improvised Things” at yesterday afternoon’s reading at the NYU Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House in Manhattan.One can listen to the event below:

(Warneke’s reading starts around the 4minute mark)

Photo c/o Andrea Siegel

Photo c/o Andrea Siegel

(Editorial note:  A newspaper reporter might offer a few quotes here to give you a sense of the content, but as we have the benefit of the internet and you can listen to the work here, I have chose not to pull quotes from this powerful work and simply ask that you please listen and experience the point of the reading, to hear the work in the voice of the author.)


The reading featured participants of the Veterans Writing Workshop, an initiative of the NYU Creative Writing Program offering free classes to veterans of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Warneke has also participated in similar workshops at Columbia and Fordham University.

Serving as a Guardsman at O’Hare International Airport following September 11, Warneke received the Army Commendation Medal for his service in Iraq. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in December 2006, and he is a member of the American Legion and the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America. In 2011, he assumed the role of District Manager at Community Board 11. 

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