Probationary Firefighter Delivers Baby in Edenwald

Joseph Hauser, Lasema Smith and newborn baby, Tyrell Lucky. Photo c/o the FDNY

From the FDNY:

He only has been a firefighter for a few months, but Joseph Hauser III already has earned the praise of his fellow firefighters from Engine 38 on Eastchester Road.

On Wednesday, the former FDNY EMT delivered a 5 lbs. 9 oz. baby boy in the Bronx under difficult circumstances.

“It was definitely stressful and not your normal delivery,” he said.

Firefighters were called to a home on Schieffelin Avenue at around 3 p.m., for an imminent birth.

When they arrived, the baby was already making his way into the world, feet first. The breech birth is dangerous for both the mother and baby. Although, Probationary Firefighter Hauser said, they normally would transport the mother to the hospital to give birth in such a circumstance, he knew they did not have time.

He knew the cord could be around the baby’s neck, so he relieved pressure by rotating the baby and helping the mother deliver.

The members of Engine 38.

“He stayed calm and knew what he was doing,” said Lt. William McGee, Engine 38.

Although the Probie said he had never delivered a baby on his own during his three years as an EMT, he said, “When I could hand the baby over [to his mother], it was such a relief. It was the greatest feeling.”

The little boy, named Tyrell Lucky, is the third child for Lasema Smith.

The firehouse went to visit the baby and mother at Jacobi Hospital on Apr. 24, she told the firefighter, “thanks for your help.”

The members of his firehouse applauded the firefighter’s composure under pressure.

“He was very intuitive,” Lt. Jason Wendell said. “He relied on his training and did a great job.”

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