Councilman Andy King On NBA Owner Donald Sterling’s Life Ban Punishment

“The punishment fits the crime,” said Northeast Bronx City Councilman Andy King on the decision yesterday by National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver to ban Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA Clippers, for life from all NBA activities as a result of recorded comments that he did not want his girlfriend to be at NBA games or on social media with “black people”.

King continued:

“As a former college basketball player who has organized youth neighborhood basketball games in the Bronx, it was appalling to hear the racist rants that spilled from Donald Sterling.  Basketball is a team/community sport in which individuals of different races, ethnicities and religion come together and act in concert to reach a common goal. It’s an honor and privilege to own a team, especially a NBA team. Sterling has stained his position and must be ejected from the stands.”

“The league’s decision sends a clear message that bigotry and discrimination will not be tolerated on or off the court by team owners, players or anyone else associated with the league. I hope the NBA team owners will vote to remove Sterling,” said Council Member King.

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