bombarbeque May 25 2014

The 6th Annual “BomBarBecue” will be held on Sunday, May 25 at the lawn of the Andrew Freedman Home (1125 Grand Concourse) beginning at noon.

BombaYo, founded by Jose Ortiz (a/k/a Dr. Drum) and Melinda Gonzalez, is a cultural art program offering free or low cost bomba workshops. Bomba is an African derived Puerto Rican dance that involves singing, dancing and drumming. The beauty of bomba is that it a dialogue between the drummer and dancer. The drummer never knows what he will be playing, as the music is dictated by the dancer. One dancer participates at a time, and the drummer reads the dancers moves and corresponds with the proper drum slaps.

This year the BomBarBecue will be honoring 50 youth and seniors, ranging from ages 10 to 86, for their participation in BombaYo programs based in the Bronx and East Harlem.

The suggested donation is $5 – $10.

Come on out, bring a blanket, your family and friends and enjoy an afternoon of keeping Puerto Rican tradition alive in the borough that is home to the largest Puerto Rican population outside of the island.

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