Bronx Students Display Art for Local Apartment Building

On May 19th, a neighborhood school and local business owner came together to celebrate art in the Bronx. As the culmination of a six-month project between Chestnut Holdings and DreamYard, a group of students from P.S. 95 unveiled their artwork during a finale event and ceremony in the lobby of a nearby Chestnut building at 1504 Sheridan Avenue.

Chestnut Holdings, who is a long-term owner and manager of residential buildings throughout the Bronx, and DreamYard, the borough’s largest arts instruction provider, had partnered to create this learning experience for students, the result of which were hung in the lobby of Chestnut’s building for residents to enjoy!

This groundbreaking partnership was a very proud moment and to our knowledge, was the first community partnership of this kind that brings arts and education directly to tenants in the Bronx and integrates students into the community. We know the students felt like rockstars yesterday and were proud to display art they hoped could positively influence residents in the building.

The event had a strong turnout and it was truly inspirational to hear the students talk about the impact they hoped to have through art. The finale included a video history of the student’s work and experience, the exciting unveiling of the art, a Q&A session with the students, and a reception.

Attached are just a few images of the final products.

image001 image002

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