Explore And Create With Carmen D. Lucca At The Bronx Library Center Tomorrow

“Sounds in the Silence of the Poem”/Sonidos en el Silencio del Poema

Friday, May 30, 2014, 6 – 8 p.m.

Bronx Library Center, Latino and Puerto Rican Cultural Collection  (Map and directions)

Advance registration is required on the 4th floor . Space is limited.  Call or visit for more information.

Carmen D. Lucca is a poet and translator of Julia De Burgos’ poetry. Her books: Roses in the Mirror, Brushstrokes and Landscapes, The Wood Carver and Al compás de una vida. Her awards include a Silver Medal from The Academie des Arts, Sciences et Lettres of France. She is the president of The Association for Puerto Rican-Hispanic Culture, Inc.

Photo c/o weareyouproject.org

One of Ms. Lucca’s pieces:


Because Law SB1070 threatens my Fourth Amendment rights,

I won’t  go to Arizona,

I won’t  go to Alabama,

To Utah, I won’t go!

Because I could, with my Latino looks, catch the eyes

Of  despots or state officers with power to harass me,

I won’t go to Alabama,

I won’t go to Arizona,

To Georgia, I won’t go!

Because the terrifying Tea Partiers have joined hands

With the rabid Right Wingers to monger fear across this land.

I won’t go to Arizona

I won’t go to Alabama,

To Indiana, I won’t go!

Because I dread the re- incarnation of the fetid Jim Crow,

And any law resembling the Black Codes of the South

I will not go to Arizona

I will not go to Alabama Or to Utah …

I will not go to Georgia

I will not go to Indiana

Or to South Carolina.

To those states , inclined to spit on the Bill of my Rights,

I won’t go. I won’t go!

(©Carmen D. Lucca 2012)

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