Bronx Times Editor Laid Off

Photo c/o The Bronx Times

That’s all she wrote for Bob Kappstatter at the Bronx Times, who was laid off yesterday.  A veteran of the borough’s news establishment, the hard hitting journalist did not mince words and brought a bit of humor to news, dry or scandalous.  A quintessential New Yawk City reporta, Kappy was a regular at the famed Manhattan watering hole Elaine’s in its day, equally comfortable at a murder scene or neighborhood association meeting.

The Bronx Times reported in an article in 2012 after hiring Kappstatter his prior CV:

“He spent over four decades at the NY Daily News in a wide-ranging variety of assignments as both an editor and reporter.

He most recently spent 16 years as the News’ Bronx Bureau chief, where he also wrote a popular weekly political and gossip column that was highly read across the city and in Albany.”

Former BXT publisher and current cafe owner/ landlord/ Democratic District Leader John Colazzi had this to say about the new hire at the time:

“‘We’ve known Kappy and admired his work since he first landed in the Bronx,’ said Collazzi. ‘We’re looking forward to working with him now to see our product grow even more in strength and popularity as he brings his wealth of reporting, writing and editing skills, as well as countless news sources, to our organization.’”

We don’t know what’s next for the Brooklyn resident, known for giving creative nicknames to those who make their way into his column. (This journalist was once referred to affectiontely as a chipmunk, which is better than an evil rabbit.)

Oh, Bobby Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.  We hardly knew yee 🙁

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