The Bronx Chronicle endorses Jeffrey Klein for re-election to the 34th State Senate District

JK_casual_headshot_outside_0485_400x400The Bronx is growing, improving and, dare say, evolving.  New parks, business developments, shopping centers… Much is happening in our fair borough, and it’s easy to get lost in the wave. Easy to forget that it is always key to keep representatives at the helm who truly represent the constituents they serve, namely us. This means all of us, from all walks of life.  Representatives who understand the important of the role they play, and take all of our concerns to heart will be crucial to our sustained prosperity.

For this reason, The Bronx Chronicle endorses Senator Jeffrey Klein for re-election to the 34th State Senate District.

Throughout his time in office, Jeffrey Klein has proven an independent and passionate force to be reckoned with.  As our State Senator, he has written and sponsored more beneficial legislation for his constituents than any other State Senator representing the Bronx.

In addition, his accessibility is unequalled.  Everyone knows who he is, and how to reach him.  Here at the Chronicle, we find this to be extremely important, and admirable.  As a true people’s representative, we find great honor and pride to call our institution an official supporter of Senator Klein.

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