You Gotta See This…

Simply put, enjoy this video of Bronx celebrity Baron Ambrosia’s very bohemian, very wet, very illegal water cave party in, we’re guessing, because the location is very undisclosed, Pelham Bay Park.  (Update: We hear it wasn’t the Bronx? But maybe we heard wrong? That’s the fun of all this! )The event was a wine release party and while many attendees were from other boroughs, states, or countries, we know at least Bronx blogger Ed Garcia Conde was in the buildi…I mean, was in the cave, along with some other folks enjoying a midsummer night in a cave you swim to get to.  Dare I say it, but, what fools these mortals be?

Full disclosure: I did not attend this party. I did not know about this party. I wish I attended this party.

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