Residency Issues Plague Michael Blake

Michael Blake. Photo via

Michael Benjamin.

Check out this article from former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin, now a columinst for City & State and the NY Post, who once represented the 79th Assembly District, about Michael Blake (pictured at left),currently a candidate for State Assembly in the 79th District primary in September. (Morrisania, Belmont, Tremont)  The article was published today in City & State, a city wide political news webisite. (Full disclosure: I’ve worked for City & State editor , Morgan Pehme, on a political campaigh; he’s a great guy, but myself and my Council Member James Vacca are both pertpertubed about this editorial he wrote yesterday suggests Brooklyn is basically a more awesome borough than the Bronx and thus deserves it’s own Devaccapehmeputy Mayor.  It is not. They are both equally fantastic and Brooklyn should not receive “special treatment”.  Read that article here.)

(Full disclosure: This journalist was once Senior Community Liaison for the Assemblyman for the summer in 2008.  This journalist also ran for the Assembly and doesn’t take kindly to candidates that believe they are above the New York State Election Law, which clearly establishes that an individual who voted outside of New York State in 2012 is not eligibile to run for NYS Assembly in 2014. It’s the law.)

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