Board Of Elections Petition Update

The Bronx Chronicle, “with a little help from our friends”, in this case, friend and daily reader Anthony Rivieccio who runs the Northwest Bronx Democratic Club and has been around in politics since a Bronx campaign in 1989.  He has provided the following recent updates from the Board of Elections on rulings of candidates, whether they will be on the September primary ballot or not based on fulfilling the requirements as established in New York State Election Law, which has unique regulations for New York City. (Full disclosure: I have been a Board of Elections employee, and will just be printing information valid at of 9:45 a.m. as provided from friend Ant’ny.I’m just the messenger here, not “the writer”.)

In the 77th A.D. candidate Curry was ruled back on the ballot after showing the commissioners a letter from the printer of his petitions that the printer claimed that they put the wrong address on the petition.

77th A.D. candidate Patrice was ruled on the ballot having more than the 500 required signatures.

79th A.D. candidate Jones was ruled on the ballot having more than the 500 needed signatures.

79th A.D. candidate Blake was not ruled on as it is a objection to his legal residency which is handled by the courts. BDCC lawyer Stanlry Schlein then served a subpoena to the BOE to appear in court Monday August 4th on the matter.

83rd A.D. candidate Chen was ruled off the ballot with only 180 valid signatures.

85th A.D. candidate Rojas was ruled off the ballot with only 32 valid signatures.

In the 86th A.D. candidate Kirby was ruled off the ballot for having no district listed on the petition

In the 33rd State Senate race Candidate Fernando Cabrera was ruled on the ballot, while candidate Jose Padilla Jr. was ruled off the ballot for not having enough valid signatures.

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