Take pride in where you reside.

Assemblymember Marcos A. Crespo Says,

“Take pride in where you reside.”


Assemblymember Marcos A. Crespo (D-Bronx) announced that on August 6, 2014 he will be hosting a district-wide quality of life initiative titled, “Take pride in where you reside”  with a group of volunteers who will walk around the 85th Assembly District (consisting of: Bronx River, Soundview, Clason’s Point, Shorehaven, part of Castle Hill and part of Hunts Point) posting “Curb/clean up after your pet” signs, changing trash receptacles and registering business owners for New York City’s Graffiti-Free program.

“I feel with these signs being posted in various locations within my Assembly District will make pet owners more conscious about the law to lease and clean up after your pet. Also, cleaning up after your pet goes a long way with not just the appearance of the community but also health and respiratory concerns,” stated Assemblyman Crespo.

Visibility is very important when it comes to placement of these signs, which is why these signs will be placed locations where I may see dog waste and/or on the main street(s) which are most used by pedestrians with the consent of the property owner.

If you would like to know some of the locations where signs will be placed please call my District office at 718-893-0202 and speak to Matthew Shuffler who can give you some sites.

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