Police Officer Identified in Fatal Ferguson Shooting

The Ferguson police officer who fatally shot 18-year old Michael Brown in a suburban St. Louis street has been identified Friday as Darren Wilson.

After a week of intense public protests and aggressive police response, the Ferguson Police Department finally identified the officer involved in shooting an unarmed African-American teenager. Ferguson police also released video, several photographs and a police report describing the teen as a suspect stealing from a convenience store as well as assaulting the store clerk right before police fatally shot him.

Residents of St. Louis have been outraged by the way police have handled the case. Captain Ronald S. Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol, who is currently head of security in Ferguson, and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has asked the community to focus on bigger concerns including diversifying race among the police departments.

After having a peaceful night yesterday since protests began, community leaders are now concerned that the recent information from the Ferguson Police Department may cause further tensions and disorder among their residents.

Click here to read the police report

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