Battle of The 78th Debates: BronxTalk vs. Bronx Chronicle

stevanlynngaryaxelbankIf you tune in every week, you know we promote what has been the standard for years in Bronx journalism “Sunday morning style” news coverage, run by the Bronx personality Gary Axelbank (pictured at right), who “daylights” as the Director of Communications for Monroe College.  (To be clear, the show runs Monday nights, not Sunday mornings.) Well, many a candidate has been known to duck the invitation of Mr. Axebank for his August/September pre-primary grillings, and its happened again folks, as Jose Rivera has “not responded” to Axelbank’s invitation.


Fernando Tirado.

Well, do tune in tonight to hear what challenger Fernando Tirado has to say, but if you do want to see both individuals side by side to answer your question, The Bronx Chronicle will be having a community forum style debate on August 27, hosted by Coach Stevan Lynn,(pictured up top, left) who has been a guest on BronxNet’s Open.

Feel free to stop by the event in Beford Park (address below)  or enjoy full coverage on our site that day and the next morning.


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