Fake Military Lawyer Busted At Bronx Veterans Hospital

A Coast Guard ex-petty officer lied about being a former military lawyer as reported in the New York Post:

“His awareness of courtroom decorum was lacking’’ to say the least, a Hempstead court source told The Post.

Kenneth Goldstein, 51, of Queens would go to court in a business suit, chest covered in fake medals, including a fake cluster of  lieutenant commander oak leaves.

“Everyone thought it was a little odd,’’ the source said.

Goldstein tried to make money being a fake lawyer, searching the internet for gullible veterans to represent. He Fooled a judge in Bronx family court, but was thrown out of a Monticello court, and now arrested by a court in Hempstead Long Island.

Read more at: http://nypost.com/2014/08/28/ex-coast-guard-officer-allegedly-posed-as-former-military-lawyer/

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